About us

Strukton Civiel is comfortable with infrastructure projects, and we believe that infrastructure is the most exciting market there is. Building and creating, making a valuable contribution to people’s daily lives, these are the things that drive us. And they go very well together with the attributes that all Strukton employees have in their genes – the courage to show what you’re made of, staying the course, being creative, and working closely with each other.

Strukton Civiel is made up of several companies that are jointly active as providers of infrastructure solutions and specialisations. Our sights are particularly set on large civil engineering projects, such as the construction of roads, tunnels, bridges and waste treatment plants. These types of projects are put out to tender by the higher and lower government bodies, transport companies, utility companies and industry. They are complex projects that require a sense of daring, innovation and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit. Projects that suit us down to the ground, projects in which we can deploy our extensive expertise as broadly as possible.

In this modern age, only multidisciplinary solutions can meet the growing demand for these ever more comprehensive and complex products. This requires us to become more and more innovative and specialised as an infra provider. Nowadays, Strukton offers integral specialisations with a high service level, with the focus always on the end user. As a partner to our clients, we think along with them and keep track of the total process chain, from the concept right through to the operational phase. Ideally, we prefer to work in complex project surroundings, where specialisation is indispensable.

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