Ambition, vision and mission

Ideas about building and architecture are changing all the time, and this means that our view of the future is also constantly shifting. But Strukton Civiel is not waiting to see what the future holds. On the contrary, we’re helping to shape that future together with our clients and partners. And because we can provide total solutions, we explicitly want to play the management role in infrastructure work. Our aim is to achieve a Top Three position in all the fields in which we are active. To reach that position, we’re constantly working to broaden and deepen our services. We’re also forming cooperative relationships both inside and outside our company. All of these things make our company a great place to work for people who relish a challenge and want a job with variation and plenty of responsibility.


Clients need proactive and cooperative sparring partners to keep them on their toes and challenge them to realise the desired innovation in the sector. Strukton Civiel is a company that’s driven by people. Strukton Civiel provides people with a working environment in which they can develop professionally and personally in the best way possible.


Strukton Civiel plays a guiding role in modernising the civil engineering sector.

Our aim is to continue to improve the quality of civil engineering projects and the way they come to fruition and to lower the (social) costs. We do this by:

  • taking responsibility for the full construction process;
  • removing any obstacles to the current cooperative relationships between clients and contractors and developing new cooperative forms;
  • identifying specialist niches in which we can excel;
  • genuinely providing employees with safe and challenging surroundings in which they are stimulated to the maximum to develop their knowledge and skills so that they can reach the top of the labour market;
  • implementing account and customer management based on plans of action and EMVI scores;
  • managing risks;
  • working safely.