Well-trained and motivated employees are the driving force behind Strukton Civiel. That’s why we’re happy to invest in the personal success of our employees. Of course, we do this with the underlying aim of enticing our people to work harder and get the most out of themselves. Among other things, we facilitate personal growth and development by providing a variety of training courses.

Building on development

Our training and instruction policy is implemented by the Strukton Civiel Opleidingen. Employees can choose a training or instruction course that teaches them the knowledge, skills or competencies they wish to acquire and develop. Taking part in a training course is not a goal in itself but rather a means of becoming or remaining successful. We like to challenge our employees to develop their knowledge and skills. One positive aspect of our training policy is that the training courses at Strukton Civiel Opleidingen are mostly followed by employees from different business units. This helps to strengthen the internal network and stimulates integral thinking and mutual cooperation. It also helps us to achieve excellent levels of quality and applicability in practice. The programmes are provided by reputable training partners. This enables us not only to safeguard quality but also to build on the future of our most important asset, the knowledge carriers: our employees.