Strukton Civiel’s aim to achieve a safe working environment is reflected in its Zero Accidents safety campaign. This campaign focuses on increasing the safety awareness of all employees (from management to building site employees). Our ultimate ambition is to achieve a structural reduction in the number of accidents (to break the trend), guarantee a safer working environment and be and remain an attractive employer. The reason we have adopted this approach is that the technology and regulations have greatly increased safety levels on building sites over the past few decades and now the best way to achieve positive results in the field of safety at the project locations is through behaviour and mentality.

Our safety campaign is also consistent with two other areas of focus at Strukton Civiel, namely Corporate Social Responsibility and the company’s image as an attractive employer. In this way, for example, safety for employees is classified under ‘people’ in the Corporate Social Responsibility triangle ‘planet-people-profit’. Investing in safety is therefore the same as investing in our people.

In assessing Strukton Civiel as an employer, we can safely say that Zero Accidents is creating a corporate culture in which safety has a high priority. This results in an employer that is regarded as an attractive employer for current and future employees.

Strukton is also participating in an external safety initiative, called the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This scheme is focusing on looking after the building site surroundings. Guaranteeing safety in and for the surroundings and optimising that safety is also a top priority.

In essence, we borrow employees from their families and want to return them alive and well at the end of the working day.