Competency development

Strukton Civiel provides total solutions for complex projects. We do that particularly by supplying the fruits of our knowledge and experience. Metrostation CS for the North/South line in Amsterdam and the wastewater treatment plant in Harnasch Polder are good examples of such projects. We particularly stand out from our competitors in the way we share specific knowledge in the field of chain polymerization, life cycle management and systems that promote transparency in business operations. Acquiring, combining and further developing this knowledge is a big priority at Strukton. So it is only logical that the human factor plays an important role in our company.

Our ambition is to create a work climate in which all employees can develop to the maximum, both professionally and personally, and in which they can use their creative talents and learn at the same time. Our people are self-reliant and flexible and are happy to take responsibility for both their day-to-day work and their long-term careers. In fact, they are very focused on their careers, because at Strukton Civiel employees are given the chance to grow and improve themselves and can choose from a wide range of training opportunities.