Working together on interesting projects. That’s what drives us. And this, of course, involves more than just shaking hands and giving people a hammer. It also requires synergy between all the parties involved − the client, the suppliers, the building contractors and subcontractors, but also the building site employees, all working together to achieve the same goal. Whether it’s for large or small projects, or indeed for integral and complex multidisciplinary projects, we enjoy an exciting challenge.

Manageability as a policy

Strukton Civiel has a proven track record as an excellent cooperative partner. We believe that exercising control over the various competencies is key to this. Competencies such as project communication, contract management and environs management are simply indispensible. That’s why we like to sit around the table with everybody before the first spade enters the soil. And throughout the process, our professionals remain focused on the client’s interests and always aim for the highest possible goal – that is, the best possible combination of strengths and specialisations. It’s difficult to achieve the best end result on your own. But if you work with an experienced partner and apply the principles of manageability, you can overcome any challenge.