Project Control

A project involves more than just design, construction and delivery. A project is a complex combination of phases in which every detail is important. A project involves a delicate balance that must be constantly monitored and that can be influenced by many internal and external factors. Good management is crucial to the success or failure of any project. Project Control supports the project manager during all project management activities. It focuses on integrating the various management tools by looking ahead, making forecasts and managing the risks. Project Control includes the following two functions:


The punctual and correct registration of financial obligations, invoices, payments and receipts and the delivery of reports. Everything that happens − the ‘real’ situation − must be recorded and constantly monitored to ensure that it complies with the statutory regulations and applicable procedures used by Strukton Civiel and by its cooperative partners, such as MVO Netherlands, which stimulates corporate social responsibility. The administration is the compass and the critical voice of the project.


Project Control is the effective support of the project manager in all activities related to project control, including planning, budgeting, project administration, reports, contract management, cash management and risk management. It involves constantly studying the signals from the project and monitoring the possible consequences − in short, creating certainty and continuous control throughout the process chain. Project Control is simply indispensible in complex projects.