CO2 emissions

Strukton’s CO2 emissions

2011 2010 2009 2008
Scope 1* 34,661 tons 37,199 tons 32,629 tons 28,502 tons
Scope 2* 2,549 tons 5,848 tons 6,535 tons 6,232 tons
Scope 3* 4,716 tons 4,971 tons 6,695 tons 6,410 tons
Total 41,836 tons
48,017 tons
45,859 tons
41,144 tons

Lower CO2 emissions

Important causes of the lower CO2 emissions include:

  • Lower CO2 emissions of cars and materials because a number of large projects were still in production (scope 1)
  • Strukton switched to green energy (scope 2)
  • Analysis of CO2 emissions (scope 3). Strukton analysed its indirect CO2 emissions in the scope 3 category.    

Strukton registers its CO2 emissions in three categories according to the international standard:

Scope 1 Direct emissions − for example, from cars and materials
Scope 2 Indirect emissions as a result of energy consumption − for example, the emissions from energy production by the energy supplier
Scope 3 Indirect emissions with causes other than energy production, such as work kilometres driven using private cars or emissions of suppliers and subcontractors.