CO2 reduction

Strukton’s goal is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 15% between 2009 and 2020 (related to activated production). The interim target for 2012 and 2013 is 2% CO2 reduction.

Measures for lower CO2 emissions

To realise this we have taken the following measures, amongst others:

  • New lease cars have a maximum limit for CO2 emissions
  • Strukton stimulates travel using the NS Business Card
  • Strukton has introduced e-Driver to its Bouw, Civiel en Worksphere subsidiaries in order to stimulate safer and more economical travel
  • In 2012, we want 90% of the electricity that we use to be sustainable. In 2013, all the electricity we use must be sustainable
  • In 2012, we launched the Energy-saving on-site programme. As part of that programme, we introduced Active Energy Management for the Strukton Worksphere buildings. In addition, we help our customers with energy-saving and CO2 reduction – for example, by revitalising property, energy performance contracts and ESCo’s. 

Another of Strukton’s targets is continuous improvement in the efficient use of energy. Strukton wants to realise his objective in a structured and controlled way. To achieve this, in 2012 an energy management plan (PM, accompanying file to follow) was drawn up in accordance with NEN-EN 16001. In addition, the subsidiaries of Strukton draw up an annual CO2 emission reduction plan to show how they will reduce their CO2 emissions. 

Levering Nissan Leaf's Strukton Worksphere 14 juni 2012 061