Corporate Social Responsibility programmes

Strukton has clustered its many individual measures for more sustainable businesses into five programmes. Every programme has a project manager who drives and monitors progress.

  1. Sustainable mobility
  2. Raw material recycling
  3. ICT & Energy Saving
  4. Sustainable innovations
  5. Energy-saving in our own business

Sustainable mobility

The ‘Sustainable mobility’ programme relates to the greatest source of Strukton’s CO2 emissions: its fleet of vehicles. Measures in this programme include e-Driver, Band op spanning (tyre pressure), the use of electric cars and stimulating the use of public transport.

Recycling raw materials

Our subsidiaries Grondbank Nederland and Afvalbank Nederland are playing an important role in our ‘Raw material recycling’ programme. They are responsible for the processing and re-use of waste flows caused by our projects. We regard waste as part of the failure costs that we want to keep as low as possible. From that perspective, the best strategy is to prevent waste from being created in the first place as this results in the smallest possible burden on the environment. And if waste is generated nevertheless, we can regard it as a raw material that can be re-used. If that is not possible, we offer the waste to an incineration plant to generate electricity. The disposal of waste materials is at the bottom of our ladder.

As part of our ‘Energy-saving in ICT’ programme, we’re taking measures to reduce the energy consumption of our PCs, servers and photocopiers.

Energy-saving on-site

With our ‘Energy-saving on-site’ programme, we’re lowering the energy consumption of our office locations and on our projects. On our projects, we’re reducing energy consumption by switching to LED lighting, energy-saving alternatives for on-site heating and a low-energy site hut. In 2013, we plan to launch projects to reduce energy consumption on our building sites with these measures.

Sustainable innovations

Strukton is an innovative company. Many innovations are aimed at sustainability or have a sustainability aspect. These innovations are clustered in our ‘Sustainable innovations’ programme.