Working sustainably

Many of our projects contribute directly to sustainability and therefore produce numerous social benefits. In this way, for example, the environment suffers less damage from low-energy buildings such as the Education Executive Agency and Regional Tax Office Groningen or from sustainable electricity generation, such as the development of tidal energy at the Grevelinge Dam by Strukton Civiel.

During our work, we use raw materials, we create waste and CO2 emissions and we demand a great deal from our people. We do that consciously: we are constantly striving to achieve safe working conditions, a better environment and integration of our projects into the surroundings. Thanks to smart design, we now use fewer raw materials and less energy, both when developing a project and when the project is operational or is being demolished. In the end, this also means there is less waste and fewer CO2 emissions. Added to this, we prefer to use recyclable raw materials – provided that the quality is not inferior to non-recyclable raw materials.