Strukton is convinced that earning money and contributing to society are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Strukton has already proved this beyond doubt.

We are creating high-quality housing by actively participating together with partners in the development or revitalisation of buildings. We’re also taking responsibility for the management and maintenance of those buildings. While doing this, we think in terms of a building’s life span. We examine the total costs and quality of the building in the long term. In this way, Strukton delivers low-energy and more comfortable buildings for substantially lower costs – in fact, 10% to 30% lower. And the benefits extend much further than just cost savings. There are also benefits in terms of energy savings, lower CO2 emissions, taking responsibility together. Benefits for employees and users, and benefits in terms of comfort and health, greater productivity and the increased value of the property. In other words, everybody benefits.

Many of our other projects are also contributing directly to sustainability and are therefore also producing social benefits. For example, the burden on the environment is reduced thanks to low-energy buildings such as the Education Executive Agency and Regional Tax Office Groningen, but also thanks to sustainable power supplies such as the development of tidal energy at the Grevelinge Dam.