Sustainable innovation

Based on the central philosophy of ‘Thinking in terms of life span for projects, people and nature’, while realising projects Strukton is constantly striving to improve safety, reduce the burden on the environment and integrate its construction projects into the surroundings. The life-span philosophy is leading to many product innovations, such as silent sealant and the re-use of brake energy, as well as process innovations such as CO2 reduction in construction logistics and the preservation of buildings.

Silent sealant: Less noise nuisance from roads

Silent sealant is an asphalt product that is ideally suited for use in urban areas and on ring roads. Besides reducing noise levels, silent sealant provides a thicker layer compared to the regular noise-reducing top layers. The advantage of this is a longer life span. Moreover, this type of asphalt can be applied under a greater variety of weather conditions than a regular noise-reducing top layer, which means that it can be fitted almost the whole year round.

Green concrete: an innovative product for preserving prefab concrete

Strukton has taken the initiative to re-use old railway ballast in concrete. We’re conducting this process in our own prefab factory. The railway ballast is first broken up and then cleaned, after which it is processed in a variety of concrete products.

Road surface with solar panel

SolaRoad is a road surface that also functions as a solar panel. The combination of these two functions is exceptional and makes it possible to capture solar energy in the same space that is now already used for hardened surfaces − with no visual disruption − and to convert it into electric energy. This energy can then be used to power a range of equipment, such as road lighting, traffic installations, but also households and electric cars.