Sustainable projects

Here are some of Strukton Civiel’s sustainable projects:

Sustainable Energy

Strukton Sustainable Energy extracts energy from water. Together with Dutch turbine builder Tocardo, we founded Tidal Power Projects, a company that specialises in realising wave energy and tidal energy worldwide. Our services consist of delivering the turbines as well as the engineering, the foundations and the positioning of the turbines. Strukton runs a test centre for tidal energy in Den Oever in the province of North Holland.

Afvalbank (Waste Bank)

The Afvalbank Nederland business unit regulates all waste and residual flows for the entire Strukton organisation. Amongst other things, the waste bank supplies recycling centres, restricts waste transport, coordinates residual flows, cleans up building sites and advises on tenders. While working on the City Inn Hotel project in Amsterdam, we succeeded in making 87% of the waste suitable for re-use.

Maintenance-free and low-noise tunnel on the N319 trunk road near Groenlo

The Provincial Government of Gelderland commissioned Ooms Construction to remove the joints from the road surface in the tunnel on the N319 near Groenlo.

The existing bituminous/epoxy joints were clearly in need of maintenance. Given that the Provincial Government of Gelderland actively supports the life-cycle philosophy and views new developments in a positive light when backed up by facts, it was no surprise that it opted for the Ooms joint. Ooms has issued a 10 year guarantee for this joint.

The (spontaneous) reaction of the local residents to the maintenance work was that they’re delighted to be rid of that annoying drumming noise, which always sounds extra loud inside a tunnel.

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