Bridge renovation work to start at Ewijk (A50)

24 August 2012

A renovation of the existing A50 motorway bridge over the River Waal near Ewijk will start in September. This renovation will extend the useful life of the bridge by thirty years.

The work has been commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works and Water Management, and will be carried out by Combinatie Versterken Bruggen, a joint venture of Strukton and Ballast Nedam. The contracted sum of EUR 68 million (excluding VAT) was awarded to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT).

The present structure is a steel cable-stayed bridge, 1 kilometre long and 40 metres wide. Combinatie Versterken Bruggen will jack the bridge up by one metre, providing the vertical clearance required by modern shipping. The renovation work will be multifaceted: welding, conservation work such as painting, replacing street furniture, replacing cables, pouring high-strength concrete and a new layer of asphalt.

During the first six months, work will be carried out in a three-metre-high box that will be suspended under the bridge surface. This will not cause any inconvenience to traffic using the existing bridge. Motorists will be able to use the bridge as usual, while highly specialized technical work is being carried out just below the road surface.

Widening of A50 between Ewijk and Valburg, plus an extra bridge over the Waal

The Ministry of Public Works and Water Management is working on the section of the A50 motorway between Ewijk and Valburg. Both carriageways are being widened, upgrading the motorway from 2x2 to 2x4 lanes, plus a hard shoulder. This will improve both the flow of traffic and the accessibility of the region.
The A50 widening scheme between Ewijk and Valburg will include an extra A50 motorway bridge over the Waal (to the west of the existing structure). The Ministry of Public Works and Water Management is also upgrading the intersections at Ewijk and Valburg. In 2013, when the extra bridge over the Waal has been completed, traffic will pass across it using the same number of lanes. At that point, the present bridge will be renovated.
All work on widening the motorway to 2x4 lanes will be completed in 2014.