A-Lanes A15 as a first management and maintenance organisation in the field of road infrastructure certified for PAS 55

11 February 2014

A-Lanes A15 is on February 10th 2014 the first management and maintenance organisation in the field of road infrastructure in the Netherlands officially certified by Lloyd`s Register for PAS 55. The maintenance company of A-Lanes A15 receives PAS 55 for its assetmanagementsystem. This certificate means that the process around the management and maintenance of the assets (road infrastructure) is well organised and performed systematically and transparently.

Pijlers Botlekbrug 

On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, A-Lanes A15 realises the widening of the A15 between Maasvlakte en Vaanplein. The consortium A-Lanes A15 is a co-operation between Ballast Nedam, John Laing, Strabag and Strukton.

The maintenance company of A-Lanes A15 is the management and maintenance organisation that maintains the A15 during the realisation and operation phase for a period of 25 years. The area covers among others 37 km of motorway, the Botlektunnel, the Thomassentunnel en the Botlekbridge.

PAS 55

PAS 55 is a directive of the British Standards Institute. The directive provides guidelines for optimal management of physical assets. In case of the maintenance company these are among others roads, tunnels, viaducts, bridges, traffic management systems, etc. Maintenance also includes mowing and cleaning activities. Especially where investments are very high, this directive is an interesting framework to improve the efficiency of the management system. The directive deals with the sustainable availability of infrastructure in relation to the costs of investment, management and maintenance.
The maintenance company of A-Lanes A15 has translated this in a plan-do-check-act cycle. This cycle aims to improve the management and maintenance process to optimize the availability of the road infrastructure regarding the costs of management and maintenance.

Widening of A15 motorway

The A15 motorway between Maasvlakte and Vaanplein will be tackled until the end of 2015 to improve the flow en to optimize the safety. 85 km of extra lanes in total will be added and a new wider and higher Botlekbridge will be built. A-Lanes A15, the consortium commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat to carry out the works, shall minimize the inconvenience caused by works through intelligent planning and constructing.