Festive opening of Laarderhoogt Ecoduct

18 February 2015

Work on the Laarderhoogt Ecoduct has been rounded off. This wildlife crossing links the two nature areas of Blaricummer- en Tafelbergheide and Wester- en Bussummerheide, significantly expanding the combined habitat for flora and fauna in the Gooi region. The ecoduct furthermore doubles as a new route for cycling, walking and horse riding.


The overpass was officially opened on Friday 6 February 2015. Those interested were invited to cross the ecoduct for the very first time in the company of the forester. And for the young ones, the organisers had even set out an adventure hunt. In addition, the members of the cycling club Fietsgilde ’t Gooi and riding club De Larense Manege were given an opportunity to explore the new cycling and horse riding routes.

Construction on the Laarderhoogt Ecoduct started in early 2014. The wildlife crossing is the result of a partnership between Rijkswaterstaat, the Province of Noord-Holland, Goois Natuurreservaat and the municipalities of Laren and Blaricum. Laarderhoogt Ecoduct was realised by Strukton subsidiaries Strukton Infratechnieken and Ooms Construction.