Bridge at Ewijk

It is one of the biggest traffic interchanges in the Netherlands: the Waal bridge at Ewijk. Every day, more than 110,000 cars and heavy goods vehicles drive over this bridge while ships to Rotterdam and the cities of the Ruhr go underneath. Traffic is more intense than was envisaged when the bridge was built and renovation is therefore urgently required.

In progress


The existing bridge at Ewijk is a cable-stayed steel construction a kilometre in length and 40 metres wide. Together with Ballast Nedam, Strukton Civiel will be renovating the bridge and jacking it up by one metre so that it will comply with the requirements of modern shipping.

Just under the road surface

The renovation work on the bridge started in September 2012. During the first six months, work was done on the three-metre high tubing that hangs off the underside of the road surface. This working method does not obstruct the traffic in any way: it is still able to use the existing bridge. Traffic can keep driving through unaffected, even though specialist technical work is being carried out just a short distance below the road surface.

Replacing the stays

The cables of the bridge at Ewijk will be renovated while traffic crosses the Waal over a second bridge. This will be done using a new system in which the cables are made up of multiple parallel strands. This makes maintenance of the stays easier, because it will be possible to replace them one strand at a time in future, instead of replacing the entire cable.

Other activities

The rest of the work is very varied:

  • welding
  • painting
  • replacing the street fittings
  • applying high-strength concrete and an asphalt layer

Project details

The project is being carried out on instructions from the Rijkswaterstaat by the Combinatie Versterken Bruggen (Bridge-Strengthening Consortium), a joint venture between Strukton and Ballast Nedam. The order, which is worth EUR 68 million, was awarded to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT).