Meppelerdiep Lock

In the coming years, the Strukton Civiel Projecten - Reef Infra Group will convert the lock on the Meppelerdiep canal from a single pair of lock gates to a double pair. The conversion will start in the first quarter of 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

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Expansion of the lock means that larger inland waterway ships can also reach the ports of Zwartsluis and Meppel by way of the Meppelerdiep canal.

The main navigable waterway from the IJsselmeer to the town of Meppel (through Ketelmeer, Zwarte Meer, Zwarte Water and Meppelerdiep) is very important for goods traffic to and from the Northern Netherlands. Many companies in Zwartsluis and Meppel are dependent on the transport of goods over water. This makes the Meppelerdiep lock an important link with the North that will play a major role in strengthening both the local and regional economy.

Converting a single pair of lock gates to a double pair ensures that shipping can sail to and from the Meppelerdiep the whole year round, thus making the navigability of the channel more reliable. The new lock will be wider and deeper than the current lock, which means that larger ships can sail through faster and more safely. The new lock will also ensure better safeguards against flooding in the future. Besides the conversion of a single pair of lock gates to a double pair, the regulatory building and the existing bridge in the Hasselterdijk (provincial road N331) will also be replaced.

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Minimal disruption

The disruption for shipping and road traffic will be minimised during the construction phase. Moreover, the local residents and interested parties have also been taken into account. The Strukton Civiel Projecten - Reef Infra Group will minimise the disruption caused by the construction activities by tackling the work in a sophisticated and transparent way.

Amongst other things, this will be done by offering an alternative whereby the eventual new movable bridge will be used as a temporary bridge. This will result in minimum disruption to road traffic. Shipping traffic will also remain largely undisrupted. There will ultimately be a maximum of 44 stoppage days, the longest period being 7 consecutive days. When the lock is completed in 2017, the new bridge will be moved from the temporary location to the definitive location.


The new double pair of lock gates will cost around €50 million. Rijkswaterstaat will donate €45 million of this amount and the provinces of Overijssel and Drenthe and the municipalities of Meppel and Zwartewaterland will donate the other €5 million.

The main contractor for the Meppelerdiep lock project is the Strukton Civiel Projecten - Reef Infra Group. The design is by Oranjewoud. The steel construction (rolling gates and new bridge) will be supplied by Iemants. The complicated demolition activities around the current lock head will be implemented by the firm of Vlasman.

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