Westerstraat multi-storey car park

In late 2011, Strukton Civiel was awarded the contract for the Westerstraat multi-storey car park in Emmen town centre. The car park will be built in phases so that local residents, businesses and traffic are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Municipality of Emmen
In progress
Leeuwarden (5)


Strukton Civiel Projecten will implement the project in phases. The Westertoren tower will be demolished first, followed by the parking deck on Westerstraat and the Nijenbrinks apartment block. The diaphragm wall activities will start as soon as the Westertoren is demolished. The diaphragm walls will form the perimeter of the concrete tanking. The walls will be installed with struts attached to avoid vibrations and noise as much as possible.

The demolition work at the parking deck in Westerstraat and at the Nijenbrinks apartment block will also take place at this time. Because these activities can be carried out simultaneously, the construction time will be shorter. The demolition is expected to take three months. As soon as the diaphragm walls are in place, Strukton can start building the multi-storey car park, which will have two storeys and space for 460 cars. The total project is scheduled to be completed by mid-2013.

On top of on the multi-storey car park on Noorderplein, developer Peter van Dijk has designed a branch of the Mediamarkt chain and a shop on Westerstraat. This will change the look of the public area on Noorderplein and Westerstraat.