Complex projects

The bridges, tunnels and flyovers that we build are made of more than just concrete and steel. They also contain a large dose of inventiveness and entrepreneurship. Because every infrastructure job involves enormous challenges and is in itself unique. Not just technically, but also in terms of planning and logistics.

Luchtfoto 41 [activity carr]
22_still profiel tunnel [activity carr]
CSO (14) [activity carr]

Not afraid to try something new

We often work in busy urban environments in which normal life has to carry on as usual. So at Strukton Civiel we’ll have already done mountains of work before the first spade even breaks the soil. As a ‘director’ of large-scale and complex infrastructure projects with long turnaround times, our contribution is crucial to their success. Not just in the initiation phase, but also during the implementation phase. And we do it in our own unique way − deeply committed and not afraid to try something new. But only if we’re sure that it will lead to something good. Are you following us?