Immersion techniques

Strukton Immersion Projects is one of the market’s leading players in immersion techniques. We distinguish ourselves with a unique approach that can be compared to a military operation. Making mistakes is not an option during activities as dangerous and costly as the submergence of tunnel units.

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Global top specialisation
The appreciation for our approach is evident. As one Korean client said: “We like the Dutch approach.” Accuracy, daring, stress tolerance, high-quality knowledge and teamwork are what generate worldwide appreciation for our work.

In addition to customisation in every aspect of the activities involved in the sinking project, you can also entrust us with the design and engineering for temporary and permanent structures. We are also happy to take responsibility for the work planning, schedules and planning documents for the entire immersion process. After all, we believe that the client should not need to worry about the project before, during or after the sinking process.

Please visit the Immersion Projects website for more information about immersion methods.