Prefabricated concrete units

Originally specialised in railway-related products, today we provide a wide range of prefabricated products for infrastructure, housing and utilities construction projects. The premise is providing customised products, ensuring that the project receives the attention it deserves. Listening, contributing and thinking ahead are important aspects of our vision in both engineering and concretisation of the design.

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Listening, contributing and thinking ahead
Our many years of experience on and around railways makes us the perfect partner for railway infrastructure. We have an extensive range of concrete products including a wide variety of retaining walls and various types of ducting. We can supply everything from prefabricated platforms and level crossing decks to the posts for the railings. Furthermore, we also provide prefabricated foundations for a wide range of structures and manufacture foundations for overhead line portals, signal posts and light masts, as well as foundation bases for signal boxes and other measurement and control equipment alongside railways.

We also manufacture concrete units for individual infrastructural, housing and utilities construction projects. Examples of the many possible applications include edging units for bridges and viaducts, sound barrier units, barriers, crossing decks and run-on slabs, columns, facade units, lintels, coping ledges, stairways, loading platforms, balconies and tunnel units. We develop customised products based on your programme of requirements. Naturally, we also investigate standardisation suitability. After all, economic feasibility is always the premise.

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The Prefab Beton website is currently under construction. We are working on a new website for this Strukton Civiel business unit. For more information about prefabricated concrete units, you can always contact us.

Also, if you are looking for our products, you can look down below for downloads.