Sound barriers

Strukton Infratechnieken is an expert in sound barriers. Whether roadside or railside, we have the required experience. From transparent to cassette, from soil to concrete barriers.

Geluidsscherm Utrecht CS [activity carr]
Oldenzaal - palen boren [activity carr]
Foto scherm Almel [activity carr]
GS N57 [activity carr]
GS NaNov Deventer [activity carr]

A continuous eye on the budget
Constructing a sound barrier involves more than simply building it. We provide the visual analysis and the engineering, and guarantee that the design will be contemporary. We continuously think along with the client, search for alternatives where necessary, and keep a continuous eye on the budget. We also provide sound barrier servicing and maintenance. 

Please visit the  Strukton Infratechnieken website for more information about sound barriers.