Vertical microtunnelling (MT Piling)

The developments in microtunnelling, in which we play a leading role, are excellent proof of our innovative ambition. This method is often used in urban environments, where there is no room for open trenches or large circular cofferdams.

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Clients benefit from our innovative ambition
We developed an entirely new foundation technique for the construction of Amsterdam’s North/South line: vertical microtunnelling. The advantages of vertical microtunnelling are self-evident, as drilling can be performed in locations with a minimal working height, without vibrations or noise. A relevant example is the replacement of the old foundations under the platforms of Amsterdam’s Central Station. With the new drilling method, piles can be placed at a large depth, with a wide diameter. Furthermore, the considerable inconvenience and costly collateral damage caused by conventional piledriving and vibration techniques are avoided.
Client-orientated thinking is the premise for all of our projects. This includes taking extreme care in our work and leaving the construction site clean and tidy.

Please visit the Strukton Infratechnieken website for more information about Vertical Microtunnelling.